Terms & Conditions


Thank you for your interest in our garden bag service. Before proceeding, we would like to highlight some important points that we kindly request you to consider and accept if you decide to use our service:


  1. MONTHLY (every 4 weeks)
  2. SECOND MONTHLY (every 8 weeks)
  3. FLEXIBLE (we come at your requests while we are in your area)
  4. FORTNIGHTLY (some areas)

Need more garden bags? We can set up extra frames or leave extra garden bags – talk to us to find out what we can do to make your garden waste removal easier!


  1. Collections will be conducted during the scheduled weeks that correspond to your area. We will provide you with a list of the collection weeks starting with the Monday of DD/MM. Please take note that collections may occur at any time during the day from Monday to Sunday of the designated week.
  2. A Reminder Email will be sent out the week before to let you know we will be in your area the following week. If you’re on a monthly collection cycle and don’t require a pickup, please advise us by Sunday the week prior to collection week. Notice can be sent by:
    • Emailing
    • Phoning or Texting us on 0404 989 232
    With this advice we will not send the driver to your property and there is no charge to you.
  3. Please ensure the bag is accessible on the collection week – if the driver is unable to access the bag, he still charges a fee for the attempted service.  Please contact us if there are any access issues – we can discuss options for removing your green waste.
  4. On a monthly cycle and not using the bag as much? You are welcome to change to 2nd monthly at any time. Just let us know!
  5. Every time we come, you will receive a pickup confirmation and invoice/account statement by email as we exchange the bag for you.


  1. Monthly and second monthly bag exchange cost is $25 (including GST).
  2. Flexible is a prepaid service and is $30/collection (including GST).
  3. A deposit of $25 is required at bag and frame delivery; and will be finalised at the end of the service.
  4. The subsequent accounts will be issued at every pickup and charged for the actual bag(s) pickup at $25 per bag. Payment is due by the end of the collection week.
  5. Small business needs cash flow. Our usual monthly or second monthly services are post-paid, so as soon as the invoice arrives, please organise payment by the due date.
    If you become tardy in your payments, we will switch you to our pre-paid service with collections happening after payments. If account is not paid after 3 reminders and no payment arrangement is communicated, we reserve the right to cancel the service, take back our equipment, and an administration fee will be automatically added to the account.
  6. We also accept advanced payment so if you’d like to pay for 2 or more collections to save time, we keep the credit in your account and deduct the monies as you go.
  7. Payment methods are bank transfer, direct deposit, credit card (2.5% surcharge applied) or cash to the driver. 1 set of Brisbane City Council dump voucher (10 vouchers) can be exchanged for a free collection.


  1. Due to QLD Govt Waste Levy (1st July 2019) there can be NO OTHER RUBBISH in the garden bags. ONLY green waste (grass clippings, palm fronds, hedges, prunings, weeds etc…) is accepted at the recycling centres. NO soil, trunks or logs and any other household or construction waste! If any other rubbish is added it will contaminate the load and $105 per tonne will be added to the dump fees. If the driver does find rubbish he may leave the bag for your attention to remove them. The drivers fee will still be charged for going on site.
  2. *Please take notice of the weight!!  A full bag of damp grass clippings can be up to 160 kg! If you stand in front of the bag and tug it towards yourself, you will get some idea of the weight. If the bag does not budge at all then the driver will struggle! He might leave you a spare bag to decant and the service fee will still be charged for going on site.
    How to load a garden bag will give you some tips to get best value from your garden bag!
  3. CAUTION: Sharp wire pins hold the bag securely in place. Please take extra care when putting hands close to pins, using gardening gloves is highly recommended. Do not allow children to touch these pins.


  • There is a minimum requirement of 6 bags for a service. If you decide that you would like to cease the service earlier than the minimum required, a set-up cost of $25 will be charged if you use 1-5 bags.
  • IMPORTANT: If you don’t want the bag anymore please let us know at least 3 working days BEFORE the last collection otherwise a fee of bag collection will be charged if the driver has to come back to remove the service for you.
  • Ensure your account is up-to-date including the final collection.  

Thank you for going through the terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you!


We can take:

  • General Household Junk/Rubbish such as furniture, mattress, white goods, BBQ’s, tools, equipment, electronics, toys, scrap metals, cardboards…
  • Commercial/Office/Shop Junk/Rubbish such as furniture, office machines, shop fittings, merchandise…
  • Green Waste such as plants, branches, lawn clippings, hedges, pruning etc…

We don’t take:

  • Asbestos
  • Soil, concrete
  • Chemicals
  • Liquid paints, solvents and oils
  • Tyres
  • Hazardous waste
  • Infectious Waste

Payment must be made in advance of our truck departing from the site. In the event that payment is not received or valid proof of payment is not provided, we reserve the right to return the waste materials.

Payment can be made by: cash, bank transfer, credit card (2.5% surcharge applied) or BBC dump vouchers.