What can Go into a Garden Bag


Tips on packing a garden bag. What can you put into a garden bag.

What can go into a garden bag – leafy green waste,  grass cuttings,  pruning, weeds (shake the soil off) hedge trimmings  & palm fronds. Since the QLD Govt waste levy of July 2019 ONLY green waste is allowed in the bags.

What  cannot go in the garden bag bag.  Anything that is not green waste!  Anything heavy – soil, bricks, concrete, tree trunks.  Anything smelly or offensive  – nappies, animal poo, food.  Anything hazardous or sharp – chemicals, glass, nails etc

5_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers_filling_the_garden_bag_ Palm frond hints   – Buy  long handled pair of secateurs and chop the palm fronds to smaller  lengths or about 1m long . Its easy and fast.

Slide all the fronds into the garden bag the same direction – either horizontal or vertical. You will be able to get many more in than bending or squishing them down. Keep them level to the top of the frame.

a_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers When the garden bag guy turns up he folds over the flaps of the bag. This stops bits of garden waste falling out over your lawn, path or driveway as he trolleys your bag to the truck.
6_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers_collection_ Please remember when you are loading the bag that it needs to be a reasonable weight for the driver to maneuver. If the bag is full of grass clippings it can weigh over 100 kg! We know it’s hard judging weight but stand in front of the bag and grab the bag in both hands and tug  it lightly towards you. If the bag can budge then generally the driver will have no difficulties moving it. If the bag does not move then its too heavy.  We caution the drivers regarding weight – you see only one bag but they need to move  between 20 and 40 bags per day.

If its rainy season covering the bag with a piece of corflute or plastic will keep grass clipping becoming waterlogged.

8_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers_collection The driver pulls the bag clear of the frame before taking it out to the truck. When the bag is piled high with fronds or weighty with grass cuttings   this task becomes impossible and the driver is left with 3 unhappy options.  First he will knock on your door – if you are there are able and willing to give a hand it’s all good !

1) Hand unload the excess garden waste into another bag and then remove both bags – charging for two.     OR

2)   Hand unload the excess garden waste onto the ground and leave it.

3) Leave an extra bag for you to decant it into.

We tell the drivers they are allowed to charge for this trip to your property as it is not their fault the bag was overweight/ overfull

9_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers_collection We have two different styles of garden bag frames.  The scissor and the square leg frame both hold the same amount of waste. For both  the top needs to be clear so the driver can remove the bag easily from the frame.

Please don’t be offended that the garden bag guy can’t take your excess green waste for free. Your bag generally isn’t the only bag that is overloaded that day and it adds hours to his work-week to remove everyone’s “little extra”.  Let us know if you have extra waste to be removed or if your bag is full (and you plan to fill it again before we come to your area next). We let the driver know and if he is in the area he will swing by and exchange your bag.

11_garden_bag_the_rubbish_removers_collection We send you an email out week before we are due in your area to remind you we are on our way!Don’t forget if your bag is empty email or ring the week before to cancel collection. In winter you might prefer to change your collection dates to every second month. (Just remember we have a minimum service of 6 collections per year)

And if that garden waste (or other rubbish)  gets too overwhelming, try one of our Skip Bins for garden waste removal in Ipswich or anywhere else in Brisbane.

And now- back to what you do best, the nice part of gardening, creating your own oasis in suburbia.  If you need a garden bag service give us a ring for the details on 3299 1501 or  make a booking on line and we will give you a ring!


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