Garden Bags

Our aim is to give you a reliable, economical and worry free garden and rubbish service.

Garden Bags Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

Garden bags

The simple, efficient and cost-effective way of keeping the garden and yard tidy

Instead of piling up the palm fronds, lawn clippings and pruning’s in the back yard, just toss it all into a massive garden bag.

Once every month (or two months) we will come out and exchange the bag. You don’t have to worry about hiring a trailer or borrowing a ute to do a time consuming “dump run”, your green waste will magically and regularly disappear all year round!

Garden Bags service

How it works

FREE bag and frame set up.
Minimum of 6 bags per year.
Minimum of 6 bags for the service.
FREE calendar with week we are in your area highlighted.
Email invoice/receipt with account details and next service week.
MONTHLY or BI-MONTHLY collections.
Body Corporates Welcome!
Reminder email sent to you the week before we are in your area.

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Garden Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Only green waste can go into the garden bags. All waste is taken to green waste recyclers who convert the waste into mulches and soils. Please:

  • NO large stumps, fresh banana palm trunks or logs into the bags. (We can’t move them!)
  • NO dog or cat feces/litter allowed .
  • NO large amounts of mangos or palm seeds. (It’s a weight issue – spread them out over several bags!)
  • NO cardboard. (Surprisingly the green waste recyclers refuse it)

Any leafy green waste can go into the bag. Lawn clippings, palm fronds, weeds, small branches, pine cones, leaves are all suitable.

We service most of Logan, Ipswich, Brisbane Southside and some Brisbane  Northside… Please check out our serviced area here. 

Download Garden Bag brochure here. Order a bag and we come out and install the service for FREE. Usually we collect the bag monthly (or second monthly if requested) and we can vary your collections seasonally. Many people have summer monthly and winter second monthly collections. If you need extra collections, let us know and we will either leave extra bags for you to fill or if a driver is in your area they will swing by and collect the bag. If you are going away or haven’t filled the bag let us know and we will skip a collection.

We put you into a “run area” which will be either the first, second, third of fourth week of the month. So you can remember when we are coming –

  • You’ll receive an email with invoice/receipt and upcoming collection as we exchange the bag for you. 
  • Give you a fridge calendar with all the dates for the year.
  • Email you a reminder the week before due so you can make sure the bag is full and ready to go.

If you are on monthly collections just ring or email us and we will not send a driver out to you. The drivers are paid when they come out to your property – even if the bag turns out to be empty – so let us know early if your bag is empty. If you only have a small yard or are just a basic gardener we can do a regular second monthly exchange. There is a 6 bag minimum for the garden bag service.

Garden Bags

Garden Bag Guidelines

  1. Do not overfill the bag: Fill the bag up to the level of the frame. When the driver comes he will fold the flaps of the bag over the top to prevent any  waste spilling out as he moves the bag to the truck. Anything sticking out of the top of the bag – sticks, thorns palm fronds can be a hazard to our drivers collecting the bags.
  2. Do not overweight the bag: The driver has a trolley to move the bag but he still needs to manipulate the bag from its frame to the trolley and trolley to truck. We are very fair with weight limits we accept – however our driver’s health & safety is prioritised! A full bag of lawn clippings can weigh up to 100kg (dry ) or 150kg (wet)
    To check the weight just stand in front of the bag, grab each side with your hands and tug gently. If you can feel movement, then the bag should be fine. If the bag does not budge, there could be issues!

Another problem from overweight bags is seam splitting. The bag rips up the seam as the driver tries to move the heavy weights. This is very annoying for our clients as nobody wants a split bag!

If the bag is overfull or overweight the driver has a few options –

  • Decant into two bags and charge you for both bags.
  • Leave an extra bag for you to transfer the waste yourself and collect both bags next month.
  • Find you and ask you for a hand to more the bag.

Our drivers collect many bags each day, each week and each month of the year so we have strict guidelines on the weights they can move.

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