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Welcome to The Rubbish Removers Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich “We do rubbish well”.

Whether you need to hire garden bags or organise rubbish removal, we can provide a reliable friendly service. We are a family-owned and operated Rubbish Removal company and we aim to provide an easy, affordable way to clean up your home, yard, business or work site.

Tell us what and where the rubbish is and we will offer you a cheap and easy solution to remove all your junk!


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Skip Bins
The Rubbish Removers are no longer providing our skip bin service however here are two highly recommended providers.
Rubbish Removal
Rubbish removals are perfect for when you do not have enough time or energy to take the rubbish away or space is limited to leave a skip bin onsite. We can organise a complete cleanup or give you a hand (with a strong body to go with the hand) to load the rubbish and take it away.
Garden Bags
A Garden Bag service is perfect for the regular removal of all leafy green waste like palm fronds, grass clippings, hedge trimmings weeds and prunings. FREE setup!

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Get a FREE Garden Bag Collection paying with a Sheet of BCC Dump Coupons (10 Vouchers).

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Call our partner Martin from Skip Bins Ahoy on 1300 548 324 and mention you are a customer of The Rubbish Removers for a 10% discount on 4 and 6 cubic m bins.

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While we might not be providing skips bins any more our trusty partners can help you! Visit the Skip Bins page under about us to find out more.

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