Charities that The Rubbish Removers support

Below is a list of charities that we support and believe in!

Here at The Rubbish Removers we believe in giving back to the community, both locally and worldwide.

We see The Rubbish Removers as an avenue that can help others, both in our local community and abroad.

Over the years a special passion has grown for tribal people in a rural farming area of India. This people group are mainly subsistence farmers and labourers. They live in homes made of woven bamboo coated with a mud-dung mixture. They till their fields with buffalo and plough, growing their own grains, vegetables and pulses, earning income by following the sugar cane cutters around or labouring on the roads. They are warm hearted and laugh easily.


We have supported them with visits which have included workshops on health, (hygiene, female health, mental health) Tippy Taps, mother care and midwifery workshops, avenues of micro business etc. Our aim is to give them tools to improve their life skills and quality of life. We have a soft spot for the Agape Children’s Home, an orphanage the local people run. They care for the children’s needs, food, education, health. We like to step in alongside others and help with building their home and a few fun projects. (A play ground, some fridges,). Every year we support an initiative by Calvary Family Church to raise funds for Indian tribal widows.

Indian widows are often ostracized from society after the death of their husbands and rarely have an income source. At Christmas we raise funds to provide a love gift. Over the years we have been able to gift saris (2010 & 2011) chickens (2012 & 2014) and blankets (2013) employ a social worker (2015) and gift a set of pots and a warm shawl (2016) which has made an impact on thousands of women so far. (Google “widows in India” for more information).

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