What to do with Grass Clippings After Mowing the Lawn

During certain times of the year, constant lawn mowing generates an excess of grass clippings. Rather than discarding them in landfills, explore these tips for making the most of your grass clippings.


Grass clippings, rich in nitrogen, decompose quickly. When mixed with brown materials, they create nutrient-rich compost suitable for recycling back into your garden. To prevent your compost from smelling and becoming overly compacted, make sure you turn or mix the grass clipping into the compost heap. You can check some out right here.

Mulch for Garden Beds:

Utilise grass clippings in garden beds as a natural mulch. Like other biodegradable materials, they retain moisture, inhibit weeds, and enrich the soil with essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium.

Liquid Fertiliser:

Soak grass clippings in a bucket of water to create a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser. After a few days, strain the liquid and use it to feed your plants, providing essential nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and amino acids.

Livestock Feed:

Turn grass clippings into silage for feeding cattle. Grass clippings silage boasts a protein content of 18.2%, surpassing that of hay, making it a nutritious alternative for livestock.

Leave Them on the Lawn:

Occasionally leaving clippings on the lawn contributes nitrogen, acting as a natural fertiliser. Simply leave your clippings on the lawn and let them break down naturally. However, be mindful not to leave too many clippings, as it may lead to grass burning and loss of colour.

Garden Bags:

Consider using garden bags or lawn clipping bags to collect and store grass clippings. This method provides a convenient way to transport clippings for composting or other eco-friendly uses while keeping your lawn tidy.

Get some expert help:

Need further assistance with your garden waste and grass clippings? The team at The Rubbish Removers can provide you with a garden bag to store your grass clippings whenever you need. Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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