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2, 3, 4 & 6 cubic m Skip bins.

Skip bins help you get rid of “stuff”  easily and economically.  We deliver a huge “box”, you fill it up over a few days – (up to 6 days included) and we come and take it away again.

Skip bins are perfect for

  • Yard clean up (broken bikes,outdoor furniture, kids toys …)
  • Removing green waste (prunings, palm fronds, branches grass cuttings…)
  • Getting rid of junk under house & in the shed (too much to mention!)
  • Clean up  of household stuff. ( plastics, linen, clothing ..)
  • Disposing of furniture, lounges, white goods (washing machines, fridges..)
  • Getting  space in the garage
  • Getting ready to  move house, moving parents in or moving kids out!
  • Cleanup & declutters
  • Small renovations  (Kitchens, carpets …) Big job? Try our hook bins
  • Clean up for a Real estate house inspections.
  • Office, shop, retail and small business clean ups
  • Storage shed tidy ups.

These bins are a massive 6 cubic m and simple to load up through the back door. Straight sides mean you can pack more in.    Check out this page for loads more information & photos of these versatile bins.

The 6 cubic m  skip bins are 2.5m long, 1.7m wide and 1.5 high.

The 4 cubic m skip bins are 2.5 long, 1.7  wide and 1m high.

Both have a door on the back and it’s easy to load in the big stuff  (couch or fridge )

Only pay for what you use – 2, 3, 4 or 6 cubic m Skip Bins Hire. Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich

Don’t know how much junk you have?  Try our  flexible “Fill to Level” Service and only pay for the volume of rubbish in the skip bin.  That means if you get a 6-cubic m skip bin and only have 2 cubic m of rubbish that’s all you are charged for.  Great idea if you have a garage sale or selling stuff on gum tree and not sure how it will go. Ring 1300 548 324 for details.

Ipswich Skip Bin Hire Services

Rubbish removals.

Are you time poor, can’t do any lifting or don’t have any room for a skip bin to stay for a few days?  We have a fast rubbish removal service and we do the work for you.  If it’s under 6 cubic m of junk, we include the first 30 mins load time for free and charge our normal skip bin rates.   (Labour fees apply if it takes longer than 30 mins)  Over 6 cubic m we will come and give a free quote so you know what you are up for!

Skip Bins Brisbane Northside

Hook bins 8, 10, 14, 15 & 18 cubic m  Skip Bins Hire Logan and Ipswich

Maybe  you have a really big clean up  job on  (you have been in your house for 10+ years, or helping a “hoarder” clean up or just moved into a “fixer upper” and it’s a mess) then look at our mighty hook bins.  You have a huge  8 – 18 cubic m of space to fill up. The hook bins have doors to walk all the junk in too.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular discounts and specials or  give us a ring on 3299 1501 for suggestions on the best mini skip bin for your needs.

Quotes for all our services start on this page.

Or you can book on line – for a skip bin  book here  or a hook bin book here.

Any queries ring or email us on our contact form.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive prices
  • Local family owned business
  • Reliable, friendly service
  • Fast flexible service
  • Unique Fill to Level Service. (Pay only for the volume)
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