Indian Night 2018 Organic Kitchen Garden Start-ups for Widows

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Indian Night 2018 Organic Kitchen Garden Start-ups for Widows

  • Every year we do a night that will bless widows in India.

India’s amazing culture of tradition and age old customs are her strengths and give her the a special uniqueness among the countries. However that strength can sometimes be her weakness also as she unthinkingly follows traditions that bring grief to her people.
And one of those traditions is the treatment of widows. Delhi psychologist Vasantha Patri, who has written about the plight of widows, described them as “physically alive but socially dead”.


India is society where a woman is traditionally considered to be complete when she marries. And if her husband dies – then its her fault. And thus the consequences to the end of her days. They have restrictions placed upon them they we here in Australia find it hard to understand.
So once a year, around October we have a fund raising night that will bless some of these precious women.


This year we ate the delicious Gujarati “chats” of India. A Chaat is a savoury snack that is served as a type of hors d’oeuvre at roadside stalls and food carts across India. The word Chaat is derived from Hindi words meaning “Tasting a delicacy” “to lick” and “to devour with relish, eat noisily” We tried some Indian dancing – with various degrees of success and laughter and with that one happy night kicked off a fund raiser that will impact well over 1000 widows.


Every donation of $10 enables us to give a gift of plants and water container and ongoing mentoring to create organic kitchen gardens with healthy vegetables to eat. The Indian committee (social worker and village women leaders) in this indigenous organization of churches have:

Trained 70 volunteer mentors to teach organic gardening techniques
Have sourced suitable markets to sell excess vegetables for additional income. (including a company that make school lunches for children)
Organised the purchase of the 50 l water tanks, tubing and plants & seeds that will kick start the organic gardens for the widows
Have planned and set out objectives that will consider and empower widows
Have noted the unhealthy environmental impact of chemicals and fertilizers and working to teach organic gardening methods to the widows and the widows to the local community. Over 20 gardens will be set up in each village and the widows are being trained in organic gardening to give them knowledge to pass on to local villagers. These gardens will give vegetables and self confidence and empowerment ongoing. What better crops could they grow? More info over at fb .

Fact There are approx 40 million widows in India.

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