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Need to know how to get rid of old paint tins &   half empty paint cans?  Don’t hide them in our skip bins! There are a few good reasons (other than the “illegal in landfill” one)

  1. The paint tins crush and spill their contents all over the base of our skip bins. Not great for the next skip bin customer or our skipbin!
  2. You don’t want to be driving behind our trucks with a stream of “wasp nest red” paint flying out and over your new BMW. (or even your old Falcon)
  3. The land fill guys know us and our trucks. Your name is identified with the skip bin. And they will take photos, track you down and report it to the local environmental agency. And yes, this has happened to one of our clients! The driver warned him when he saw the paint tins while delivering the skip bin but our client hid the tins in cardboard boxes.

So the question is – What should you do with the old tins of paint?

Paint lasts 10 years and is expensive. If your tins of paint are good & of a decent quantity and colour, then consider ~

  • Keeping  the paint for touch up jobs later on. (Clearly mark date and which room the paint is for)
  • Ask  around if  friends, neighbours, men’s shed groups  or charities need  paint for any DIY projects they have going on.
  • Offer free (giveaway)  on gumtree or fb based “Bid Buy Sell” groups in your local area.

BUT sometimes the paint is a frightening colour (“what were they thinking?”) or it has ‘gone off’ – smelly or lumpy or you need to clear out the property fast and you ‘don’t have time for that’ then how do you dispose of that paint?

For water based paints –

You need to dry the paint out before throwing it into the skip bin.               Remember most paints get a “skin” which you will need to cut through first – to get to the liquid paint.

You can dry the paint out by mixing it with kitty litter, sand or a commercially bought waste hardener and letting it set. Or you could pour it out over carpet, newspaper, blankets (of whatever you are throwing out) and letting it dry.  Once it is dry roll it up and pop them in the skip bin.

Leave the lids off the tins so everyone can see the tin is empty.

For Solvent based paints – (eg oil paints and the clean up materials – thinners, turps, solvents etc)

These are considered to be hazardous waste and you will need to drop them off at your local council facility. Local Councils usually have free drop off days for liquid paint and other hazardous waste – see the links for more details.   These depots are also good if you have industrial amounts of paints.

Brisbane City Council                    the_rubbish_removers-com__old_paint_

Logan City Council

Ipswich City Council

Redlands City Council

Extra  handy tips – Always keep paint in its original container. Write on the date and the job used for.

Store the paint tin in a cool dry place. Hammer down the lid to seal it well. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Never pour paint down the drain, into gutters or onto the ground.


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