How to order a skip bin | The Rubbish Removers

How to order a skip bin | The Rubbish Removers

When you order a  rubbish skip bin there are two main things we need to know –
“Where are you?” and What are you putting into the skip bin?
We have two different styles of bins, skip bins and hook bins

and by finding out the type of waste will help us decide which bin will suit you best.
You pay for the size/ volume of a bin however we pay for the weight at landfill so our pricing needs to take into account both weight and volume!

Most of Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Ipswich are standard prices but if you are in the outer suburbs we may charge a distance fee – this goes directly to our subbies to help cover their costs in time and fuel.

Our skip bins are the most popular because we can do them at a cheaper rate.

  • They come on a small truck which minimizes our environmental foot print.
  • Smaller trucks give us better options for bin placement at your place.
  • Metal base and skeleton make these skip bins strong. Industrial corflute sides make these bins light.
  • A door on the back makes it super easy to load the mini skip bin. Fridges, washing machines, beds, just walk or trolley them in.
  • Weight limits are reasonable for the volume. 6cubic m give 1 tonne weight allowance!

Our Hook Lift rubbish skip bins are for heavy waste or huge volumes. Big Hino Hook lift truck brings out these all metal bins. A door on the back will make it easy to load and the low sides on the 4 & 6 cubic m allows machinery to load them up too.

Once we find out your suburb and waste type we can offer the best deal. Or you can book it in online here  or ring 32991501

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