How To Load A Skip Bin | The Rubbish Removers

How To Load A Skip Bin | The Rubbish Removers

Our bins are like a giant shoe box with a door on the back and are very easy to load! The door un-hooks off so you can walk everything in!

Lay anything flat down on the base of the bin (table tops etc)
Load in the bulky heavy things, fridges, washing machines and white goods. (You will be able to easily manoeuvrer them in through the door)
Break up or crush any bulky furniture / items with a sledge hammer!
Pack your rubbish leaving no airspace.
If possible have the skip bin inside your property to prevent anonymous donations!
The only thing we do not mind going over the top of the bin is a mattress. (Put it on like a lid)

Weight Limits Each skip bin size has a weight limit. Usually our  rubbish skip bins are used for household, retail or yard/ green rubbish and these items easily fall within the restrictions. It’s usually  hardfill (concrete bricks, soil, tiles)   that causes weight issues. Get a hook bin with a 4 tonne weight for the heavy jobs!

Rough estimates on weights

A wheelbarrow of hard fill (concrete, bricks, soil, gravel) can weigh approx. 100kg (depending on size and contents)

A cubic metre of hard fill (concrete, bricks, soil, gravel) or paper (example phone books or brochures) can weigh approx. 1 tonne

Paint Tins? We are not allowed to take liquid  paint. If you  solidify the paint (in the tin) by mixing with a commercial paint hardener or soil, sawdust, sand etc you can put it in the skip bin.   Alternatively spread the wet paint onto old carpet / rug/ newspapers and let dry before rolling up and placing in the bin. See the link for more information.

Tyres? We do charge extra (ring office for quote) and they will need to be placed at the top of the bin as the driver needs to dispose of them separately

Asbestos? NO NO NO asbestos allowed in the skip bins. You will need to contact a licenced removal company to remove the asbestos. Fines do apply if found in the skipbin.  BCC Asbestos  Fact sheet link. 

Chemicals, Poisons & Hazardous Waste? You will need to take these items to an authorized disposal facility. Contact the local council for free dumping days.


Do not OVERLOAD the skip bin! We need to transport the bins safely for us, for you and for other drivers on the road. Our drivers will cover your load with mesh prior to leaving your property so the rubbish needs to be inside the walls of the bin.

Remember – No-one wants to drive behind a skip bin truck with wet paint or liquids streaming out the bottom or pieces of rubbish flying out the top!

* True story – One of our drivers turned up at a home to collect the skip bin. It had been on site for 6 days and the hirer had finished. When the driver arrived the bin only had one item in it. He knocked on the door to check it was indeed good to remove. “Oh yes” she said, then told him she had filled the skip bin four times and each time it had emptied overnight! Best value bin ever she said!


Like a huge shoe box you will find these bins very easy to load.

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