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Edit.  We had a lovely web design company do our website.  And we were pretty happy with most of it.  BUT  as always,  only owners and operators  know their products.   So we ended up writing most of the copy in this website.  But the script below was gold.  I couldn’t resist leaving it in.  If you get to this page do read it.  I adore the fact that you possibly would love us so much you would have a huge blind spot for us. And we don’t leave you deluded.    Trust me.  Clients always let us know if we fail very quickly and we do not expect blind spots. We aim for good reliable  customer service for both our hook bins and garden bags.  

The Rubbish Removers believes in providing sustainable waste removal service to ensure healthy environment for the future generation. When it comes to green waste removal Brisbane-wide, we come in handy with our modern waste handling equipment that makes sure all your green waste meets sustainable treatment for a safe disposal.

If using skip bins for green waste removal doesn’t make much sense to you, we can provide cheap garden bags to fit the bill. The Rubbish Removers is considerate of your requirements and strives hard to meet them without blowing out your budget or deviate from your preferences.

Green Waste Removal Service To Suit Every Budget and Schedule

Time and money are the most prized possessions in today’s scenario! Our rubbish removal service aims to save you both. We give our customers the prerogative to pick the schedule as well as the kind of skip bin or garden bag according to their preference We never leave our customers in delusion and neither are we intended to merely cash in on any opportunity that puts our customers’ trust at stake. Our services are customer-centric and completely transparent so much so that you can actually have a blind spot for us.

One phone call is all it takes to arrange a fast, reliable green waste removal service in Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive prices
  • Local family owned business
  • Reliable, friendly service
  • Fast flexible service
  • Unique Fill to Level Service. (Pay only for the volume)
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