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Over-full & over-heavy Garden Bags – When the green waste is more than the bag.

Over full and weighty bags can be an issue for the yard bags.  It’s important to keep the green waste to the level of the garden bag frame and that the weight is reasonable for the driver to move with a trolley.

If the palm fronds, bougainvillea or branches are sticking above the frame it does become an issue. The bag must only be filled only to the brim because the bag has to be pulled out from under the frame (or the frame lifted over the bag) If you have over loaded the garden bag then the driver must decant the bag before he can remove it.
The drivers tuck the garden bag flaps over your green waste while they move the bag -this is to stop the waste dropping over your path or driveway as he transports the bag.  The bag also needs to be a fair weight for the driver to deal with.
If it’s the first or rare time that the customer does this the driver will usually exchange the bag and leave a note for you.

However, if you over fill the bag regularly then the driver will either

  • Decant the bag into two bags and charge accordingly.
  • Leave you a spare bag and collect two the next time. You can move the waste into two bags at your leisure.
  • If you are at home ask for help to move the bag.
Remember yours is not the only bag the drivers do every day!

So what do I do when the green waste is more than the bag?

  1. Check out our blog on the most efficient way to load a garden bag.
  2. Ring or email the office and ask for a 2nd bag to be left.
  3. Fill your bag up nicely and leave the extra neatly by the side. You can then either use it for the next bag or let the driver know you are willing to pay for a rubbish removal. He will factor that in and take the extra away for a reasonable price.
  4. Use long-handled garden secateurs for easy cut up of those big palm fronds!
  5. Get a skip bin for huge clean up (You can use the bins for all junk as well as green waste) Don’t forget our Garden Bag clients get a 10% discount on the 4 & 6 cubic m Lite Bin. ring 1300 548 324 to our partner Marty from Skips Ahoy to mention you are our garden bag client. (or book on line)
  6. Contact us if you fill your bag up sooner, we let the driver know and if he is going by your area he will do a detour to your place and collect the bag out of sequence.
  7. Check out the “terms and conditions” of our service. We can email you a copy if you have misplaced the first one the driver left when he set up the service.


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