Garden Bags Over full and over weight!

Overfull garden bags? 

If you have too much green waste for one bag we have some options !

Ask for a second bag if you are getting ready to clean up your garden.

Contact us and let us know – if we are in the area we will come by and do an extra collection.                                                                                Email is best –

If you are on  2nd monthly collects go monthly for a while or take advantage of the collection you normally miss.  Let us know when the reminder emails go out.

 Pack your palm fronds neatly. Chop them to the length or height of the bag and lay them in/up. You will be surprised how many fit in that way. Use long handled secateurs for the old harder palm fronds.

Please take care with palm fronds over the top, one of our drivers was stabbed near the eye as he was trying to remove the bag from the frame.

Over heavy Garden bags?

A full bag of summer lawn-mowing cuttings can be up to 140kg which is a WPH&S issue for our drivers to move. We are equipped with  trollies and  hydraulic lifts to toss the bag into the truck but the drivers do need to move the bag onto the trolley and from trolley to lifter.

We recommend you have monthly garden bag exchanges during summer months.

If we come to a overweight bag the driver has a 3 choices 

1  Find you and ask you for a hand to move the weighty bag.

2 Leave a spare bag for you to decant the bag into for collection next time.

3. Decant bag into two and charge for two bags.


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