Council Permits and Skip bins | The Rubbish Removers

Council Permits and Skip bins | The Rubbish Removers

Do you need  council permits for the skip bin?

Position is an important factor when ordering a hook bin!     The Rubbish Removers will place the Hook bin where you prefer however we need to be able to access that position with our Hino hook lift truck  and the position will be safe to leave the bin.  Any concerns please ring us 32991501 

Usually a driveway or front yard  is a good place to leave a skip bin.  Placing  the skip bin closer to the rubbish will make it  easier for you – less distance and effort carrying  the junk to the  hook bin and less chance of someone doing a drive by and popping a little extra in. (or taking something out!) 

However if you cannot have the skip bin inside your property  the drivers are able to locate the bins on public land like the footpath, bordering parkland or easements. Local councils have varying regulations about where they  allow you to  position the  bin and you may be required to apply for a temporary permit.

It is the customer’s responsibility to organise a  council permit. Without a permit you may potentially be fined by the local council – usually if someone complains.  The Rubbish Removers do not accept responsibility for acquiring permits, checking the permits or paying fines issued for the unlawful placement of a skip bin.

Check with your local council regarding your specific requirements – Phone and website contacts are –

Brisbane City Council.               Ph 3403 8888   24/7

Ipswich City Council                   Ph 3810 6666

Logan City Council                    Ph 3412 3412

Redland City Council                 Ph 3829 8999

If you don’t have a suitable place for the hook bin to be parked for a while we can do a  Rubbish Load and Go service – We work out a day and time frame suitable with you and the driver comes by and loads the bin. (you are welcome to help him- it may save you some money!)



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