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Bathrooms Renovations Skip Bins | The Rubbish Removers



Bathroom Renovations – there are lots of options in bathroom renovations, tap-ware, cabinets, baths & tiles but one thing that will be definitely  required is a skip bin  to remove the rubbish.

We have two styles of skip bins and it depends on the extent of your bathroom renovation which one you will need.

First check your renovation plans.

If you are just replacing the bath, shower screen, vanity and toilet then our SKIP BIN range will be perfect. These bins are like a big shoe box, with a door on the back. Its really simple  to walk in all the junk. Keep the bin 6 days and get rid of all the cardboard packaging as well. Our Fill to Level service is perfect, get the 4 (or 6) cubic m bin and fill it up. The day before collection give us a ring and tell us the volume you used. We will then invoice you on that. Cheap, easy to load and fantastic for a quick basic bathroom renovation.

A better option if you are removing tiles and the concrete tile bed  is  a  METAL HOOK BIN.  In these you can put concrete, bricks, tiles & the tile bed and all other bathroom waste. The sides are low and that makes it easy to load with a machine. Usually a 4 or 6 cubic m will give you plenty of room to remove the rubbish.  Although our metal bins are slightly more expensive you do have a massive 4 tonne of weight allowance. The bins have a door on the back so it’s super easy to wheelbarrow the waste in.

Book a  hook bin here or just ring 3299 1501 for friendly advice

Most bathrooms will have a concrete bed on which the tiles are. This often needs removing before new tiles are laid.

Concrete and tiles need a hook lift bin
Heavy duty hook bin with a 4 tonne weight load
Heavy duty hook bin with a 4 tonne weight load
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