On-line Skip Bin Suppliers | The Rubbish Removers

On-line Skip Bin Suppliers | The Rubbish Removers

Skip Bin ordering via online  booking agencies.

If you google “skipbins” or “mini skips” a number of on-line skip bin booking agencies come up- both foreign and Aussie owned. They are logistical data base companies organizing the supply of cheap budget- rate skip bins in the market place. These online booking agencies have nothing to do with the waste industry.

When you order a skip bin with them you will get a local supplier who has the put in the lowest price for that time frame. That price includes the booking agencies commission, GST, dump fees and all the operating costs of the skip bin supplier.
As everything – booking a skip bin this way has advantages and disadvantages.

PRO. You will get a skip bin cheaper – usually. It’s easy, book and pay on-line and get a skip bin without talking to anybody at time of booking.

CON. Due to the serious discounts Skip bin companies allow (including us) we are very strict with the T & C and weight limits as there is no lee-way for any extra costs. Although you are paying for the “volume” of a skip bin we pay for “weight” as we dump, so we budget our prices to take into account the expected weight of your bin. If your bin is “over weight” you will be rung and asked to pay the extra fees as per your T&C

The weights we allow will generously cover the contents of the bin you order- presuming you have ordered the correct bin! Example a bin for “ Light domestic waste” allows 6 cubic m / 900 kg.

If you decide to order on-line with a third party bin supplier – here are the tips!

  • Check the weight limits and the weight surcharge fee if you go over the allowed weight,
  • Check for any extra booking fee charge
  • Check any costs to be made directly to the bin supplier for extra waste (mattresses, carpets, tyresetc)
  • Usually there will be an extra surcharge for extra days – your skipbin supplier will quote you.
  • Read the T & C carefully
  • Ensure you have ordered the correct bin for the waste you have.
  • Your local skip bin supplier will vary as it depends on the prices they have submitted.
  • We recommend you always order for the day before you need the bin as times for drop and collect cannot be guaranteed. Bins are dropped and collected all day long and it will depend where the driver slots you into the run.
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