Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Since   1984  we have been running our own business.  We have raised three children, had holidays, cars, houses and followed the dreams that  most Australian families do.  Now as our grandchildren have started arriving  we have decided to shed the busiest portion of our business – the skips bins –  downsizing to  just our garden bag runs and operating the hook bin truck several days a  week.   John has also decided he wants to work on his golf swing and explore the country in his caravan!

Our sub-contractor  of 10+ years has taken over a third of our skip bins and we are looking to sell the other portion as a business start up. This is the perfect chance to get into the skip bin industry with all the stock and as much knowledge, polices, ideas, personalized computer program, as you want without the hefty start up and ongoing franchise fees.

Our bins suit the house hold, retail and commercial market with their unique ability to be dropped not only on standard driveways or footpaths but also under carports, in garages, under shopping centre car parks, up back yards and down long narrow driveways.

We have a lot of repeat custom as people return for these unique skip bins.   Watch out – several Brisbane companies have since unsuccessfully tried to copy these  bins – they cannot collapse and be stacked so their advantage is lost.

Why are these bins so good? 

  • The style of bins give us the ability to  offer a Fill to Level service which our clients love – they are only paying for the volume of rubbish they have.
  • These bins come as one size with the ability to add 2 cubic m with sides or offer less volume with the level markings on the inside. You never run out of any size bin. Many clients start off thinking they have 2 cubic m of waste but ring the next week having filled the bin and paying for 4 or 6 cubic m.  They upsize themselves!
  • The ability to collapse (fold) and stack the bins ensures that your storage space is kept to the minimum and allows you to deliver up to 3 bins on one trip- saving fuel & time.
  • The bin is off the ground by 5 cm- resting on 4 rollers.  This ensures the grass or driveways are not damaged when dropping or lifting the bins.
  • The rollers on the bins have brakes which can be adjusted for slopes and allow the bin to be pushed (when empty) into position. The winch system on the truck allows the bins to be pulled out and back on to the truck.
  • The bin is made of a metal base and metal skeleton sides. The container has industrial corflute sides which give a strong yet lightweight bin. The corflute is easily replaced if required but in our experience lasts for years and years.   We have had over 3 tonne of weight in a bin with no problems – however the winch system and our light weight trucks cannot legally cope with the weight – thus the weight limitations.
  • The small trucks used for this bin system need only standard car licenses, and cost less to maintain, fuel up, register and insure then the standard skip bin s trucks. This gives you an added advantage in pricing.
  • The door on the back allows easy access to the bins – clients can wheel in their white goods, (fridges washing machines etc) and pack their rubbish to get the best value for their money. (Nothing a client likes better)  A typical metal bin with sloping sides and no door make it very hard to load and has a lot of wasted space.
  • Tradies love the bins – example kitchen installers, ground maintenance people and light renovations.
  • Transportable.  There is no reason why this business cannot be set up anywhere.


This business will suit you if

  • You enjoy choosing your own life and business life style.
  • Your family can be involved – (our whole family has been involved from office work to skip bin truck driving)   Great to provide employment for extended  family
  • You are interested in recycling. We started a recycling centre –  read the story here. The treasures that come in bins are amazing.  If a skip bin has vintage or retro treasure we sell them either on  the facebook page or via a vintage second hand seller we know. All monies we receive from these sales we donate to charity – however for the right business owner that would be a fun income stream.
  • You live in a large enough community to support skip bins. (large regional towns or cities)
  • You live beyond a 100 km radius of Brisbane. We have promised our subbie we would sell outside that limit and we always keep our word.
  • You can access a storage yard for the bins. As the bins stack in piles you will not need much area and many dumping facilities offer skip bin storage for free.
  • You can do minor welding and maintenance. We recommend the skip bins are checked over for safety at regular intervals and they sometimes require minor repairs.
  • Optional – Computer program. You can find a skip bin data base program on the commercial market – however we have had a very simple database created and you can purchase it from the computer programmer directly.   It creates   client lists, creates ,  email invoices with appropriate attachments,  can extend bin time frames and add extras (days, weight surcharges etc)  It tracks where all your bins are at any one time  and produces daily drivers run sheets,  as well as  lists of all sorts  – invoices, income etc
  • You like giving good customer service.
  • You are (or someone in the family is) good with business essentials. Over the years we have seem more small businesses in many industries (service, retail etc) fail.  It is not the business that is the issue – its how it is managed. We can load you up on policies and procedures that have worked successfully for us – but you will need to follow up. Example- the website, advertising and working closely with an accountant are  the back-end  to dropping and collecting skip bins and by ticking all the boxes this is a business that gives a very good income stream.

The purchase includes

55   X 4 cubic m bins  Value @ $1200 each


35   sets of sides to create 6 cubic m bins

1 x Toyota Hilux  Tipping ute 2007  – SR D4D 4×4
6 Wheel. Tipper GVM 4295 244808km

2 Door Extra cab. 3.0l Turbo Diesel 5 speed manual
Tow bar. Power Windows (tinted) Dual Air Bags. CD Player. Electronic Rust Prevention. ABS Brakes
Steel Tray 3000 x 1900
Professionally post fitted Airbags over rear wheels allow the vehicle to raise and drop height – perfect for going under carparks or collecting loads as required.
Injectors replaced. Modified rear tray gives ability to carry up to 4 bins at one time.

1 x Isuzu NLR 200 2008 Tipper Truck  337200km Diesel

Short wheel base with aluminum bull bar. A.C. Pwr Steering. Pwr Windows. ABS Brakes. Rear tray designed and manufactured for carrying (up to 4) accompanying skip bins. Rear of tray tilts to ground level. Hydraulic winch.

1 trailer – Modified to take the skip bins giving ability to drop and collect multiple bins – saving time and money.

Training 3  x  7  hour  days  with the bins /computer program  in Brisbane. (included but optional)

The detailed  engineer drawings of  the bins.  Useful if you wish to organise the manufacture of more bins in the future. Bins can be made by any steel fabrication yard

We can give you as much or as little information as required.

Both vehicles have been well  maintained.  The specialized locking mechanisms on the backs allow  skip bins to  be loaded easily and quickly.  A fitted winch hauls the bin up.  Both vehicles tip for easy dumping of rubbish (from the skip bins)  at land fill. The Toyota has air bags in the rear enabling the long wheel base ute to be lowered.

We can negotiate extra time with training, delivery of the trucks and bins, or even coming to your place and helping set up.

This business can also be split into two – with a vehicle and half the skip bins.  Price will depend on the vehicle chosen.

Our reviews over the years point to our happy client base – part of that is our friendly staff but part of it are the bins design –

Have a look at our reviews – these skip bins are popular and the customers love them.  

The bonus of purchasing this business is that you are not paying anything for good-will (that Brisbane based database  continues with our subbie)  You are only  paying for the start up stock to create your own niche in the market.

Interested?   Do some research for yourself.

Find out  the skip bin  prices in your local area -how much are 2,3,4 and 6 cubic m skip bins?    Ask about weight limits and options for only light waste.

What are the costs of dumping the allowable limits of these bins (400kg, 600kg, 800kg and 1000kg)

Is there metal recycling, green waste dumping, private dumping and council dumps. What are there policies? (usually on their website)

What is the population?

Does your state have a waste levy?

Give us a ring and book a time to chat with this info. Our knowledge base is based on decades of experience and we are happy to discuss this with you.

Contact skipbins@therubbishremovers.com   or  3299 1501  or  ring John directly  0404 638 100


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